June 2020 Property Manager’s Newsletter

Buffalo City Living Property Management June 2020 Newsletter


Greetings to our Tenants! Your Landlords’ Agents at Buffalo City Living, LLC wish to extend to you all a warm hello and provide you with some information we feel is important. The big updates this month pertain to Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.28, which has temporarily re-written the book on late fees and tenant evictions in New York State.


  • Through June 21st, 2020:
    • Buffalo City Living will not file any tenant evictions in court. Also, we will not require payment plans for past due balances through June 21st.
  • For the period of June 22nd through August 20th, 2020:
    • Buffalo City Living will resume evictions “as usual” for any delinquent tenant who has a past-due rent balance AND has not signed a payment plan with our office.
    • We will also resume evictions for all other defaults of rental agreements.
    • Payment plans must be drafted and signed by the Tenant and Landlord’s Agent for all past due rent balances.
    • We will only offer payment plans to tenants who provide documentation to prove they are either
      • (1) eligible for unemployment insurance or benefits under state or federal law or
      • (2) otherwise facing financial hardship due to COVID-19.
  • Beginning August 21st, 2020:
    • Buffalo City Living, LLC will resume business as usual. Evictions will be filed in court for all defaults of rental agreements, including non-payment of rent.


  • Buffalo City Living will be waiving late fees between March 20th and August 20th, 2020.
  • Please review your lease ledger to ensure that our Buildium Property Management Software did not automatically apply late fees to your account between March 20th and August 20th, 2020.
    • If you see a late fee applied within this time window, please call the Property Management Desk at 716-222-2489 ext. 2 and let us know so we may remove the charge from your account.
  • Late Fees will apply to any past due balance existing on or after August 21st, 2020.
  • Normal Late Fee application will occur on the 6th day of each month going forward.


  • The most recent update to our Company Coronavirus (COVID19) Policies is published on our website at
    • Please always comply with these policies and report any known violations to the Property Management Desk by calling 716-222-2489 ext. 2.

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