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UPDATE: Partial Company Closures through October 15th, 2020

Buffalo City Living Property Management September 2020 Newsletter


Dear Tenants and Clients of Buffalo City Living, LLC. This notice is to inform you of current partial company closures effecting our property management and maintenance departments. On the morning of September 11th, a Buffalo City Living staff member left work due to a reported “feverish” illness. This caused management to react by engaging COVID19 protection protocol, which included making preparations for mandatory staff and tenant quarantines and widespread building closures. By September 14th, management received irrefutable evidence that the staff member had falsified their reported physical symptoms; that staff member’s employment was abruptly terminated we are working diligently at the moment to hire a replacement. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these trying times, when a single reported staff illness or COVID19-related incident can force our company to temporarily shut down operations for up to 14 days while certain staff submits to mandatory quarantine and COVD19 diagnostic testing.


  • For 34 days from September 11th, through October 15th, 2020:
    • Property Maintenance Department is closed:
      • Routine maintenance and non-emergency repairs are temporarily suspended.
    • Property Management Department is partially closed, with the exception of rent payment processing, tenant evictions and property maintenance emergencies:
      • Tenants may remit rent payments as usual, via check or money order, payable to “Buffalo City Living, LLC” at 2626 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214.
      • Non-payment tenant evictions will be referred to our attorney for filing in court on September 29th, 2020.
      • Property maintenance emergencies must be reported to the Property Manager for immediate handling.
        • Call 716-222-2489 or “222-CITY” ext. 2 and follow the prompts for emergency reporting instructions.
      • Tenants and Property Owners must please expect delays in service, and only call to report emergency matters during the 34-day period September 11th through October 15th, 2020.


  • Real Estate Sales and Leasing:
    • Call 716-222-2489 or “222-CITY” ext. 1 to list your property for sale or for lease.
    • Call ext. 3 to schedule all real estate viewing appointments.
    • If you are currently working with Buffalo City Living REALTORS® to sell, buy, or rent real estate, please call or text your agent directly.
  • Reception, Office Administration, Accounting, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable:
    • Call 716-222-2489 or “222-CITY” ext. 0 for reception.
    • Call ext. 702 for all administrative, accounting, accounts receivable and accounts payable requests.


The Property Management Desk

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2626 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214

By Buffalo City Living

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